LED Lighting Systems

Excellent LED lighting technique for industry,
business and communities.

No upfront investment

Immidiate cost reduction without the need of an investment.

Lighting optimization

Optimized light conditions with intelligent controlling.

Electricity cost reduction

Reduce your electricity and maintenance costs and increase your energy efficiency at the same time.

Environmentally friendly

Reduce your carbon dioxide emission up to 70% and comply with the emission guidelines.




Exchange of consisting Light sources without the need of a modification on the electricity System. Energy cost reduction up to 80 %

Lighting Optimization

Extensive analysis and planning work, coordinated with your individual needs.

Smart LED

Excellent light management with senor connection. Control and evaluate room temperature, movements, lighting profiles, heatmaps and much more.


Our LED Business areas

  • Office
  • Industry
  • Retail
  • Outdoor
  • Decoration

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Customized energy efficiency solutions

Your carefree Package

We take full responsibility on your LED Project, from planning up to the annual maintenance.To enable an easy and fast completion, we take care of all your concerns.

Planning and Conception

We give support in light planning and create an individual LED Solution.

Financing and Grants?

We give support in light planning and create an individual LED Solution.

Mounting and Refitting

Depending on the lighting plan, we exchange the light sources or place new ones.

Maintenance and Support

Our team of experts gives support

The efficient Solution

Excellent Lighting Systems in Business

The answer to the question, which lighting system you should purchase for your business is completely clear: the most energy efficient variation is also the most sustainable one. A LED lighting system enables the minimization of your electricity costs up to 90 %.

As a further benefit, LED illuminants have a much higher life expectancy and thereby also fewer maintenance costs than any other technologies on the market. Efficient Electricity utilization is the first step for successful energy management.

CLEEN Energy advises you with the latest trends and the resent developments in LED lighting for industry, office, retail/commercial space, outdoor or decoration.

Use the latest techniques and goal an electricity cost reduction and an increase the productivity of your employees with human centric light and modern daylight automation at the same time. Latest studies show a rise in efficiency up to 8 % due to a light power upgrade from 300 to 500 lux.

Furthermore, you can profit from the benefits of higher life expectations of high-quality LED products. Professional LED illuminants have a life expectancy as well as a product guaranty of at least 10 years. The guaranty duration can be extended on special demand.



LED – light emitting diode

All LED illuminants consist of the following basic components: the anode, the cathode, the bond wire that connects both poles and the LED chip.

SMD and COB components mostly be found inside modern illuminants. The SMD variation has a phosphor layer and a body with cooling function that allows higher power.


HIGHEST live expectancy

In addition to all the mentioned, benefits you can profit from the long-term life expectancy of high-quality LED illuminants. Professional LED products have a life expectancy as well as a product guaranty of at least 10 years.

  • LED – 100.000 Hours
  • Halogen lamps – 30.000 Hours
  • Fluorescent Lamp – 20.000 Hours
  • Energy safing Lamps – 10.000 Hours
  • Halogen Spotlights – 4.000 Hours
  • Conventional Lamps – 1.000 Hours