Produce your own green electricity.
Sustainable and reliable.

High-end Technologies

We select the best inverter, solar-panel, wires and storage for your individual needs

Top Brands

We only work with leading players to provide you the best solution available on the market

Qualified Staff

Our employees are experts in their respective fields and look back on several years of experience

Warranty, Your Insurance

We offer you up to 25 years of performance warranty on the components of your installation.



Consulting & Planning

Financing & Public Funding

Installation & Construction

Maintenance & Warranty



In times of steadily rising electricity prices, generating your own electricity from renewable and free energy sources is an interesting alternative to sustainably reduce your energy costs or keep them stable. Due to the technical progress of photovoltaic technology, modern systems can nowadays achieve good results even in poor weather / light conditions. In addition to the sun, your roof or the planned area for the installation play a decisive role.

The self-generated electricity can be used to cover your own needs, feed into the local power grid or a combination of both solutions. Alternatively, it is possible to use energy storage devices (energy storage), which can store the generated electricity in order to consume it at a later point in time. This enables you to guarantee a constant basic supply with your own electricity and further increase your independence.

CLEEN Energy offers a holistic approach and specialises to delivery everything regarding photovoltaic from once source. You do not need any further partner to tackle your business’s energytransition. If wanted we can cooperate with your local electric-installation partner to achieve the desired results.

Next to energy consulting and installtion we can also offer you support in the fields of public funding, financing and maintenance. In combination with our operational leasing and contracting model we can offer a best in class return of investment. Our solution’s cost savings will finance your energytransition projects without the need for any further cash from your budget.

Reduce Energy Costs

Produce your own green electricity and save up to 70% of your energy costs

Reliable Energy

Store your green energy and use it anytime – day and night

Public Awareness

Photovoltaic is a key aspect of green companies, improve your reputation

Flexible Financing

We are happy to support you in terms of financing and public funding

Technological Progress

New technologies lead to an ever-increasing performance

Improve Indipendence

Increase your indipendence from local energy providers

High rentability

Increase your competitive advantage in your market

Multipurpose Use

Photovoltaic enables many other green techologies such as e-mobility