Electricity Storage

Energy Saving Solutions for your business to increase your independence.

Increase energy efficiency

Increase the internal consumption of your photovoltaic system

Reduction of energy costs

Reduce your demand on energy of extern energy sources

Smooth your peak loads

Prevent your business from expensive peak loads with an energy storage

Cheap entry

Due to opportune technologies and attractive grants

Electricity Storage for business


With an electricity storage you reach the next level: After the refitting to LED Lighting Systems and the production of your own energy, your next goal is to increase the amount of intern utilization. The first step is to make your self-made energy usable at any time with an electricity storage.

The biggest drawback of a photovoltaic system was its dependence to the sun. If the conditions aren’t right, the photovoltaic system isn’t able to produce enough electricity. Due to this fact, a photovoltaic system can’t guarantee a total independence from the conventional electricity network without an energy storage.

The solution is the electricity storage: Save energy when it’s not needed and make it usable when its needed. With a photovoltaic system that produces enough energy you can cover up to 100% of your intern energy demand, without dependence to the sun.

Electricity storage for your business – Increase your intern utilization and smooth peak loads.

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The technology of batteries and storages getting better and better rapidly. At the same time, the investment costs are shrinking. The price of electricity storages developed pretty much like the costs of photovoltaic components: Prices dropped down to a fraction the last few years. At the same time, the number of manufactures is growing. Because of these facts, the acquisition of an electricity storage was never as attractive as it currently is.

The most important point during the acquisition of an electricity storage is the detailed planning work. Therefor it is necessary to analyze the peak load profile of your business. This profile displays a detailed picture of the intern energy consumption of a company.

The combination of a photovoltaic system and an energy storage enables you to peak your intern energy consumption. Because of the synergy of these two components, the energy storage can be amortized in a short period of time. Depending on the use case, an energy storage can rise your intern energy consumption up to 70 %.