Heat Pump

Heating systems for business for a higher energy efficiency.

Increase efficiency

Heat and cool cheaply and efficiently with environmental heat

Exit from oil and gas

Rise your independence from fossil fuels

Heating and cooling

Cool your office areas without an air condition.

Simply sustainable

Heat with natural resources like air, water or ground temperature



Heat pumps use natural energies out of ambient air, ground water or soil in combination with electricity to produce sustainable heat and cold /thermal energy. Because of this, heat pumps are very beneficial in synergy with photovoltaic systems. It enables the exit of fossil fuels such as gas and oil and increases the independence from taxes, delivery pinch points or further extern factors.

Modern heat pumps also dispose a cool function, which enables a sustainable and efficient way to cool your business premises. For operation a heat pump needs a low amount of electricity in combination with environmental energy out of water, air, or soil. This fact causes the different types of heat pumps: Air heat pumps, soil heat pumps, ground water heat pumps and water heat pumps.

Increase of internal consumption

To get the most benefits out of your photovoltaic system and your heat pump, you need to raise the amount of intern energy consumption and lower the amount of extern energy import. A heat pump gives you the ability of saving the excessively produced electricity from your photovoltaic system in the form of hot water. For best results, it is important to use the appropriate dimension of hot water storage.

Sustainable and free resources

Heat pumps make use of the free energy resources, our environment offers. In addition to ambient air, soil, or ground water the heat pump needs a small amount of electricity, optimally provided by your own photovoltaic system.

Independence and calculability

Your modern heat pump gives you the ability to act completely independent from fossil energy sources. Your business won’t be dependent from fluctuating fossil fuel prices.

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To improve the efficiency and the range of applications of them, heat pumps constantly developed the in the past few years. They became an essential part of modern energy efficiency systems and intelligent building automations. Today, the use of a heat pump is one of the most sustainable and modernist ways to control the temperature in your business premises. Caused by its high level of sustainability, it is also a prevention from future taxes for carbon dioxide emissions.

The most important point during the acquisition of a heat pump is the detailed planning work. Therefor it is necessary to analyze the demand of heating and cooling inside your company/business. In addition, you should consider the future development of your energy demand to calculate the essential reserves.

Depending on the occurrence of different types of environmental energies, you should decide which heat pump is the most beneficial one for your business. Because of its simple installing, the air source heat pump is the most popular one. 

At the installation of soil or ground water heat pumps, you will need a groundwater well or do some drilling to access the natural ressources.